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Who should have a sleep test?

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

If you find yourself sleepy in the day time after 7 hours of sleep. Your sleep could be interrupted by one of the sleep disorders.


If your snoring causes problems to others, it could be a symptom of a sleep-breathing disorder that causes disturbance to your bed partner.


If you have high blood pressure without an obvious reason, your breathing problem during sleep could give extra burden to your heart.

Customer Reviews

Sleep apnea test

After wearing it for three nights, Belun® sent me a detailed sleep apnea report. It showed that I did not have sleep apnea. I highly recommend it to those who want to have a good sleep!

Kenneth Ip, customer of Belun home sleep test

Belun® Ring

I rely on Belun® Ring which gives me a more comprehensive picture of my health, as it measures stress level via the autonomic nervous system response and analyze my data using an AI platform, not yet available in other brands. I will recommend it to anyone who wants better health.

Mike Chan, owner of Belun® Ring

Sleep apnea test

After reading my sleep apnea report, my doctor immediately confirmed that by putting me in a sleep lab for my later anesthesia delivery. Belun's sleep apnea test gave me peace of mind.

Sally, customer of Belun home sleep test

Belun® Ring

The Belun® Ring helped me detect sleep apnea comfortably at home! My overweight problem causes snoring. Now with regular exercises with weight loss, I have solved the problem of snoring, and so as sleep apnea.

Mr. KM Yiu, customer of Belun home sleep test

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